At Adient, we stay ahead by thinking ahead. We’re always innovating and creating the solutions that will drive us — and the automotive seating industry — forward.


close up side view of conversation mode seating concept in autonomous vehicle

We explore the habits, needs and desires of drivers and passengers. These insights — along with the inspiration we draw from outside the automotive seating market — help inform our future initiatives. They allow us to meet new industry developments such as personalization, lightweighting and new mobility, head on.

Thought Leaders

close up view of driver control panel in seating concept for autonomous vehicle

Our manufacturing processes can deliver on a just-in-time (JIT) basis, but our product design work begins well in advance. We utilize today’s product portfolio in a unique way to meet our customers’ evolving needs — like our concepts for autonomous vehicle seating solutions: AI-17 for privately owned vehicles, AI-18 for ride sharing and AI-19 for level 5 autonomous experience.


Innovation: Holistic

Our approach is all about seeing the broader perspective — without losing sight of the tiny details — to improve the experience of a world in motion.


Innovation: Technology

Along with our partnerships with recognized technology leaders, we co-develop products that anticipate the transportation revolution that is coming with new mobility.


Innovation: Safety

Our industry partnerships bring the very latest in vehicle safety technology to our co-development process. We integrate this with our proven leadership in ergonomics and seating comfort to provide our thought-provoking designs.