Research and industrial design

Setting the standard for success through research and design

To build products that stand out, you need to start strong — and finish stronger.

Our Industrial Design process enables a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team approach to product design for components and complete seats that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Anticipating trends:

Seat fabric

We employ market research to help us anticipate what our customers – and their end-consumers – want and need. Whether it’s information on fabric types or color preferences, ergonomic features or technical advancements, these data provide important direction for our designs. Since automakers develop their vehicles years in advance, being one step ahead of future trends means that our customers can always be confident that our products will align with their future plans.

Simplifying from the start:

Seat trim

Our core product portfolio is based on standardized designs. We develop modular components that support multiple makes and models, creating more convenience for customers – and keeping costs low.

Flexing to meet our customers’ needs:

People working

At Adient, we don’t believe that one size fits all. Although we offer standardized product designs, we also work directly with our customers to define their unique needs – and create customized solutions that are precisely right for them. From developing the blueprint for an entirely new seating system to offering guidance on an automaker’s pre-designed piece, we’re as active in the design process as our OEM customers need us to be. No matter what the task, we promise to always deliver. 

Staying involved every step of the way:

Man working

While our design teams are responsible for initiating new ideas, they also help bring these projects to life at every stage of the process. Whether it’s helping a sales team communicate our design capabilities to customer or serving as a go-to resource during production, our designers play a critical role across our organization.