We are the leader in automotive seating with unmatched global reach and scale.


At Adient, every year we supply automotive seats and components for more than

25000000 cars

With one in every three seats in the world coming from our facilities, we work with all major automakers and vehicle classes. And in an industry that spans continents, we’re truly a global presence. Through meticulous orchestration, we work to deliver the right products at the right time – and are always right where our customers need us to be.

Rich heritage
Newly independent

We’ve been committed to getting things precisely right since the start. It’s how we create superior products for our customers and their end-consumers. And it’s why, in just over 30 years of partnering with automakers, we are the leader in the $70 billion automotive seating industry – with nearly double the global market share of our closest competitor. Today, as an independent public company, we have the ability to reinvest in our core business, quickly capitalize on emerging trends and sharpen our focus on innovation – in automotive seating and beyond.


34 countries

90 Minutesa

90 min from order to delivery

12 Core Engineering Technical Centers

12 core engineering technical centers

230 Plantsa

238 plants


Designing and developing tomorrow’s seating today

We challenge ourselves to anticipate what our customers will need next. We’re helping to conceive the first generation of autonomous vehicles. And as an advanced manufacturer of lightweight components, we’re promoting sustainable driving experiences around the globe. Our one-step-ahead mindset keeps us focused on the future. And ensures our place as an industry leader.

We're aiming to create seats weighing 10 kilograms (22lbs.) or less for lighter, more efficient rides by 2020.