Pioneers in Seating Comfort


At Adient, we make real seats for real people.

And real people have different needs, abilities and preferences. Our occupant-centered approach, coupled with our unrivaled experience and knowledge, helps us deliver innovative solutions that set the standard in automotive seating comfort.

Leading the way

When we established the industry’s first comfort lab in 1998, we set the bar in automotive seating comfort. Today, we leverage our unparalleled knowledge, proprietary data and cutting-edge technologies to bake comfort into our award-winning products — from the design phase through production.

Experts in comfort

Our comfort team includes experts in ergonomics, biomechanics, technology and seating design who work with our customers to create innovative solutions that meet their stringent requirements for quality, design, craftsmanship and value.

Our Comfort Development Process

Our four-stage Comfort Development Process drives us forward. We partner closely with our customers to research and analyze emerging trends, align on expectations and targets, develop comfort solutions using our vast experience and tools, and evaluate prototypes through our comprehensive in-house testing capabilities.

The Adient Comfort Lab™

Over the past quarter century, we have built an extensive Comfort Benchmarking Database containing subjective and objective measurements on comfort indicators, and we maintain a vast library of documentation on comfort, human physiology, anthropometry and ergonomics. Our knowledge of automotive seating comfort is expansive and unrivaled in the industry.

Explore our capabilities

Our comfort capabilities set us apart from the rest. Download our Comfort Presentation to learn more.