Adient Hilchenbach plant awarded ÖKOPROFIT® environmental certificate

Our colleagues at the Adient plant in Hilchenbach (Seat Structures & Mechanisms) have long been committed to environmental protection and have implemented a large number of measures in this area. Their commitment has once again been recognized with the ÖKOPROFIT® Siegerland 2021/2022 environmental certificate.

ÖKOPROFIT® Siegerland is a cooperative project between municipalities and local businesses aimed at forming a local network. From July 2021 to June 2022, the participating companies developed operational measures in eight workshops on various environmental protection topics to reduce operating costs and resource consumption in equal measure and consequently contribute to environmental and climate protection.

The award-winning environmental program at the Adient plant comprises a total of 16 measures, such as:

  • Conversion of hall lighting including control system and emergency lighting to LED lighting
  • Reduction of power consumption for laser welding systems in standby mode
  • Programming of automatic shutdown of cooling systems on non-production days
  • Implementation of a compressed air audit and elimination of leakages
  • Conversion of coffee machines from plastic cups to reusable cups
  • Conversion of the energy supply to green electricity

As a result, the amount of waste was reduced by 0.27 tons, 417,596 kWh of energy were saved, as well as 0.13 tons of CO2. By purchasing CO2-free green electricity alone, the plant reduced its CO2 emissions by 1,112.17 tons. In total, the measures amount to savings of €128,000 (~$130,000). For all companies participating in the project, annual savings amounting to €728,000 (~$735,000) were identified, and savings of at least 1,011 tons of CO2 per year.

Our colleagues and the ten other participating companies recently presented the project results at the Freudenberg Museum of Technology. Following a successful audit, the plant can now proudly call itself an ÖKOPROFIT® company.

“Our participation in the ÖKOPROFIT® project is a real benefit for our company and for the environment,” said Ralf Kuchinke, plant manager in Hilchenbach, “We have gained a great amount of new insights, received tips from experts and benefited from the exchange of information with the other companies. A big ‘thank you’ to our employees for their extraordinary commitment. The success of the project and the recognition as an ÖKOPROFIT® company is a great incentive for all of us to further intensify our efforts to operate sustainably.”

We congratulate our colleagues on their award and wish them continued success in the implementation of environmental protection measures.