Adient Chongqing Technical Center

At Adient, we know that innovation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of experienced engineers and designers working together to bring big ideas – those that will drive our industry forward – to life. With an average of nine years of professional expertise, the skilled technicians at our Chongqing Yanfeng Technical Center do just that. Their expertise spans a host of in-house services – from industrial design, research and product development to advanced engineering, prototyping and finite element analysis – that help us design and develop world-class automotive seating products for our customers. Situated in China’s third largest city for automobile production, our Chongqing facility also features a benchmarking lab, a comfort lab and a mini JIT plant.

99 Ping Tai Road of Huang Mao Ping, the Northern New District Chongqing, China 401122

Tel: +86 23 8600 1988

Fax: +86 23 8879 7280