Advocating for change

Adient maintains organization-level memberships with global, national and regional advocacy groups. We back our membership by participating in activities, speaking engagements, sponsorships and corporate committees that help promote the growth and development of corporate supplier diversity initiatives to increase opportunities for certified diverse-owned businesses.

In addition, we collaborate with our customers and suppliers by sharing supplier diversity news, offering educational forums, providing mentorship, and supporting any other activities that increase the awareness of supplier diversity best practices. One example of such customer collaboration is the Driving Impact business module.

Driving Impact: Where corporations and diverse-owned businesses collaborate

Driving Impact, one one of our signature programs, is a business module allowing corporations and diverse-owned businesses to collaborate for business development and growth.  Through this program, business owners learn how to enhance their relationships with industry leaders through education, training and networking opportunities. Diverse-owned businesses can also benefit from mentorship opportunities with dedicated corporate leaders. Learn more about Driving for Impact here.

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