Adient implements Teamcenter

Please read this supplier communication regarding part numbers and drawing/CAD revision schema

PLM is our vision for the future state

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the collection of tools that manages the life cycle of our products. Our PLM system is enabled by a software platform called Teamcenter, produced by Siemens. PLM provides the ability to access actual product data from any location in the world. 

  • PLM offers a common global process, enabling design teams to work seamlessly regardless of location. PLM supports the ability for us to “Design Anywhere/Build Anywhere.”
  • We are on a journey to improve PLM. The journey includes a technical platform upgrade and also improved and standardized business practices.
  • The Teamcenter 11 (TC11) platform upgrade lays the foundation for reaching our 2020 goals: advanced engineering, advanced PLM functionality/enterprise enablement, and Industry 4.0/Big Data/Analytics.
  • TC11 will make our teams more effective and our processes more efficient. TC11 will give us a common global process, increased functionality, and aligns with PLM best practices.