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Taulia Supplier Self-Service

With Taulia, our suppliers have 24/7 online access to electronic communications, invoicing, PO and payment remittance details. Enrolling is free. And your information is always secure. Please click here to complete a short form that will provide us with the correct contact information for sending an invitation to the Supplier self service application.

Changes to Covisint effective October 2017

Download information pertaining to changes to Covisint October 2017

Global Supplier Scorecard

As our Global Supplier Scorecard was decommissioned in Covisint and the new Supplier Scorecard system is still under construction, you can request your current performance rating from your local Buyer or Supplier Quality contact.

Supplier Training Program

Adient has developed training opportunities for its external suppliers to be taught by an external consulting company that will assist its suppliers with improving their knowledge and skill set, i.e., in the field of Quality Management, as it pertains to the automotive industry and as defined by both OEM and Adient specific requirements. You can find the currently available training programs below.

Data Exchange

Adient uses Odette for the secure exchange of engineering data. To gain access to Odette, please email your request to CAD-EDI-GLOBAL@adient.com

Those partners that do not use Odette can access our online portal. You must request a secure login from your Adient representative.

Access the Adient portal


AdientDX is a data management system that facilitates controlled data exchange practices with Adient internal users and supplier and OEM external users. AdientDX was formerly known as “JCDX.”

Sourcing RFQ with Ariba

Ariba Sourcing is used to facilitate the request for quotation (RFQ) process. Adient buyers will setup a sourcing event with a set timeframe within SAP Ariba. Suppliers who will participate in RFQ events register first with the Ariba Commerce Cloud. Suppliers participate through submitting Ariba on-line price quotes to Adient. The benefit for both parties is to have all RFQ event activities, documents and messages centrally managed in one on-line tool vs. local RFQ copies attached in Email.

Download the Supplier User Guide