Synergy Seat Loft

Synergy Seat Loft

Sit comfortably, recline, stretch your legs and store whatever you want

Adient’s Synergy Seat Loft brings together what consumers want most

Adient’s Synergy Seat Loft brings together what consumers want most

"Synergy" perfectly describes our innovative second row seat. It combines – in precisely the right way – what consumers want most: Comfort, convenience, style, safety, and flexibility. We know because we asked them.

We also built in a few surprises they’re sure to love – like a “Connectivity Console” – where they can charge their smart phones wirelessly, place their drinking cups and store personal items.

They’ll certainly love the elegant look and feel of fine materials such as leather, felt and wood – all in a well-crafted rear seat that’s ideal for entry-level luxury sedans.

Comfort and flexibility – all in one seat

Adient’s Synergy Seat Loft is extremely versatile. Whatever you want to do with your second row seat, now you can

•    Recline for long trip comfort

•    Fold up seats stadium style for extra storage space. 

•    Reconfigure to accommodate virtually any combination of people and storage items 
Comfort and flexibility – all in one seat

More roominess – the same great comfort

A special foam makes Adient’s Synergy Seat Loft significantly slimmer – without compromising comfort or safety. Even the headrests are smaller and lighter while still meeting all safety requirements to protect passengers.

Cost-efficient, high quality production

Fast, easy assembly – Cross-car-beam mounting and drop-in-place integration reduce assembly complexity, time and cost.

Global quality – Adient delivers same high quality product precisely when and where you need it.

The Synergy Seat Loft is a product of our many capabilities coming together – consumer and customer research, design, engineering and broad automotive seating know-how. As a result, our customers can offer what consumers want most – simply, quickly and affordably.