The fresh way to keep your car seats stainless and spotless – effortlessly

Wouldn't it be great if your car looked and smelled as fresh and clean as the day you brought it – for as long as you own it? Well, over time, things happen – such as spilling food and beverages on the car seats. Plus, people are keeping their cars a lot longer – which means a lot more spills and stains.

Adient offers the ultimate protection against those spills:  FreshPer4mance.  
This advanced fabric coating repels dirt, stains, liquids, and yes, even germs and bacteria – not just when first applied, but for years to come. No more stains, spots or unpleasant odors. That’s an attractive feature for automakers to offer consumers.

FreshPer4mance works so well, it’s a must-have with numerous significant benefits:

Material versatility – FreshPer4mance works equally well with all fabrics, no matter the base material.

Color versatility – FreshPer4mance performs very well with any color fabric – even lighter colors – so designers can create more distinctive looks to capture the attention of the car buyer.

Limitless design possibilities – Whatever the fabric construction – flat, woven, or with 3D, we can coat it evenly and effectively with FreshPer4mance, so designers can free up their imaginations as to choice of fabrics.
Adient FreshPer4mance
FreshPer4mance is so effective, we’ve made its application standard at all our plants around the world, so our customers can have it precisely when and where they need it.

FreshPer4mance shows how Adient’s creativity and know-how come together – in precisely the right way – to give our customers more opportunities to delight consumers and stand out from the crowd.