Adient’s unique high-frequency vibration system tests automotive seats under all kinds of driving and climate conditions

When you test drive a new car, you might get an idea of how it feels then. But how will it feel thousands of miles or kilometers later over rough roads and in extreme weather – and will you still be happy with it? You won’t know until well after you buy.

At Adient, we eliminate the guesswork by testing our automotive seats for comfort and durability under all sorts of extreme conditions – before they go into the vehicle you may buy some day.

We do so using a remarkable testing system unlike anything else in the industry. We call it “Shaker.” The name is precisely right – because Shaker shakes and vibrates our seats so thoroughly, we know if they’ll be durable, comfortable and safe for the long haul.


Shaker goes well beyond what conventional test stands can do

The highest frequency – The Shaker hydraulic high-frequency vibration test system goes up to 200 hertz – the most possible for this type of testing.

The most motion Shaker literally shakes the seats with six axes of motion.

Simulating real life – We can recreate a seat’s entire lifecycle – over various kinds of routes a real car might travel – for distances up to 100,000 kilometers, or just over 62,000 miles. We even placed Shaker inside a climate chamber that simulates temperatures from -40°C to +100°C.  That’s -40°F to +212°F, which is probably more extreme than you’ll ever encounter on the road.

Real people reactions While these tests confirm how our seats hold up under extreme conditions, the key is still: Are they as comfortable as can be. So, we ask test subjects – real people – to have a seat and tell us. Their reactions, plus the sensor data we collect, provide the answer.

Is an automotive seat right for you? The proof is in the testing.

We installed Shaker at our facilities at Burscheid, Germany, where we test our automotive seats under any conditions our customers want us to.

No Adient seat or component goes into production unless it’s precisely right for our customers – and for the consumers who buy and drive their vehicles.  Shaker is one of many ways our creativity and know-how come together – in precisely the right way – to make it so.