Introducing SD15 - Adient's simulated vehicle environment

Adient’s SD15 concept demonstrator showcases ideas to give consumers what they’ll want in the years to come

What will consumers expect from their vehicles in the year 2020 and beyond? At Adient, we conduct proprietary research to answer that question and help automakers plan ahead to meet those expectations.

Adient’s SD15 concept demonstrator vehicle showcases advances in first and second row automotive seating that address the industry megatrends we’ve identified, including:

•    Superior comfort and convenience

•    Urban mobility

•    Individualized style

•    Autonomous driving

More comfort and convenience than ever before

The driver’s seat rests on a curved track for easy adjustment to the most comfortable position. This seat also features a console mounted directly to the seat. When you move the seat forward or back, the controls move with you and instead of you having to reach for them. There’s also a wireless charging bin for smartphones.

The front row passenger seat slides well back on our Gemini Long Track to give the passenger much more legroom.

The second row seat features our Gemini track system, also making it easy to slide to provide more legroom. With the push of a button, you can easily switch between a comfortable five passenger configuration to an equally comfortable four passenger configuration by contracting or expanding the center seat.

Urban mobility

The SD15 provides a host of flexible storage options and make it easier than ever to load and unload cargo at the curbside – a significant benefit in urban environments. For example, you can slide the front passenger seat under the instrument panel to create more storage space. The second row seats fold flat for just the right amount of storage you’d need at any time.

Individualized style

The SD15 features some of our most advanced decorative trim and fabric technology – such as ink jet printed seat covers – enabling customers to choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to customize their vehicles.

Autonomous driving

Totally autonomous driving isn’t here yet, but it’s on the way, and the role and function of  car seats will change significantly. Our SD15 demonstrator incorporates some of the changes we anticipate – such as enabling a “conversational” seating arrangement so that occupants can interact while the car drives itself – and configuring the second row to make travelers more relaxed while en route.

A glimpse into the future makes it easier to prepare for that future

The SD15 demonstrator vehicle came about from a massive collaborative effort on the part of our researchers, designers, engineers, and other experts. They brought together the right ideas, technologies, and know-how – in precisely the right way – to help automakers see for themselves, at auto shows around the world, how advances in automotive seating can help them prepare for the future of their industry.