Exemplary Adient employees honored with invitation to watch opening bell in person

They came from as far away as China, India and France and converged on one of the busiest sites in New York City – the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 

Today, seven Adient employees from seven countries joined company leaders in marking a significant milestone in Adient’s history – its public listing on the NYSE. There they participated in ringing the famed opening bell, a ritual that marks the beginning of the trading day and, for Adient, the beginning of our journey as a public company. 

“Today was a remarkable milestone for our company and for our shareholders, customers, and, of course, for our employees,” said Bruce McDonald, Adient’s chief executive officer. “Our employees are our greatest asset, and I can’t think of a better way to mark the occasion then spending it with talented team members from around the world.”

The seven employees participating in the bell-ringing represent 12 global teams that received the 2016 Chairman’s Award, which recognizes exceptional performance, commitment and teamwork. The teams represent a diverse range of functions and responsibilities, from product engineering and quality control to human resources. 

“To see exactly how it’s working at the Wall Street stock exchange is incredible,” said Robert Braun, a 36-year company veteran and foam engineering director from France. Braun said how excited he was to be a part of this milestone in Adient’s history, a sentiment shared by his colleagues. 

“It’s very exciting in just one hour to observe the bell ringing event, and we have become the bright new Adient,” said Ang Sun, an advanced manufacturing engineer from China. “We are now a new company with a new start, and it’s very exciting for me.” 

Closer to home, Sun’s colleagues in China – and dozens of other countries around the world – memorialized the occasion with “birthday parties” celebrating Adient’s first day as a publicly traded company. They also watched a live broadcast from CEO McDonald outlining his vision for the company.

“With the spin-off of Adient and now our public listing, we have a once-in-a-career opportunity to do something really special,” said McDonald. “Given our talent, leadership and strategic values, we are truly living up to our title as the largest supplier of automotive seats and interiors in the world.”