2015 Toyota Superior TNGA Promotion Award

Disclaimer - This award was issued when Adient operated as Johnson Controls Automotive Experience.

Johnson Controls has been awarded a top honor by Toyota Motor Corp. for promoting the automaker’s Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), a new vehicle platform which will be in production worldwide across multiple segments in the near future.

Alex Molinaroli, Johnson Controls chairman and CEO, received a “Superior TNGA Promotion Award” from Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota Motor Corp., at Toyota’s Global Suppliers convention in Nagoya, Japan on Feb. 27 for the company’s early involvement and commitment during the development process. 

Johnson Controls  successfully developed a next-generation front seat structure, meeting Toyota's increased safety requirements and at the same time reducing weight, complexity of components and costs by effectively leveraging its global capabilities.

The company's engineering, manufacturing and sales teams started a joint development process with the engineering and purchasing teams at Toyota already 18 months earlier than usual. By implementing optimized production requirements into the seat design early in the development stage, the team made it possible to create a product that Toyota will leverage globally and is expected to be competitive in the long term.

We're honored to be recognized by Toyota for our efforts which is a great example of the value of the enterprise Johnson Controls Operating System," said Molinaroli. "A critical factor to our success is creating world class manufacturing and a commitment to collaboration with our customers and we look forward to continued success with Toyota.

Production is planned to start in 2019 with North America being the first region for implementation.