2014 Clepa Award

Disclaimer - This award was issued when Adient operated as Johnson Controls Automotive Experience.

Johnson Controls received this year's CLEPA Innovation Award in the category "Green" for its cutting-edge work in the CAMISMA research project. Together with project partners from industry and science, the Johnson Controls team, working with a newly developed seat structure, succeeded in drastically reducing the use of steel and light alloys by replacing them with multi-material systems. With equivalent performance in terms of safety, the CAMISMA seats are more than 40% lighter than conventionally manufactured seat structures made of metal and can be produced at attractive costs. Johnson Controls has now manufactured and successfully tested the first functional prototypes under conditions similar to those in series production.

In presenting the prestige Innovations Awards in Brussels on October 8 2014, the top-class international jury, comprising representatives from the German magazine "Automobil Produktion," the supplier's association CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), and the VDA (German Automotive Industry Association), cited 11 winners in three categories. In the category "Green," the jury praised the work of Johnson Controls in the research project CAMISMA as an "outstanding, future-oriented solution for sustainable CO2 reduction.

"Lightweight technologies, which save resources, reduce energy consumption, and lower pollutant emissions, are in greater demand than ever in the automotive industry. We are making great investments in working with new materials, skills, and manufacturing processes, in order to give our customers the best-possible support with innovative seating products," said Andreas Eppinger, group vice president technology management at Johnson Controls Automotive Experience.

With the CAMISMA project (Carbon-Amide-Metal-based Interior Structure using a Multi-material system Approach), which was subsidized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project partners Johnson Controls, Evonik Industries, HBW Gubesch, Toho Tenax Europe, and RWTH Aachen University, have been pursuing a holistic solution approach since 2011: "With CAMISMA, our goal is to create cost-efficient, sustainable access to carbon-fiber-based materials systems," said Eppinger. "The recognition of our research work through the Innovation Award 'Green' is wonderful confirmation for our tremendous team effort and our results!"