Metals Components Display

Our Metals display exhibits an array of our newest components listed here. Please access our product sheets for complete information.

  • Adient’s manual Height Adjuster 3000® pump series makes it even easier for end-consumers to change the height and angle of their seat. Our smaller, smarter design allows seamless performance and is also interchangeable with our power height adjuster, making the system compatible with seats that feature automatic, instead of manual, adjustment.

  • Adient’s Lever 3000® Recliner,our next-generation discontinuous disc-type recliner, make seats easier for riders to adjust to the most comfortable position. Advanced design provides best-in-class functionality. What’s more, Lever 3000® design reduces overall seat structure weight

  • Adient’s Lock 3000®, our newest generation of latches, let consumers easily adjust their seats in a fold-down or upright position and safely lock them there. We eliminated the noise and rattles that occur as seats lock and when the vehicle is moving. The Lock 3000® withstands virtually any force. We made it both 30 percent smaller package and lighter weight than competitor products.

  • Adient’s Taumel 3000®, our latest continuous disc-type recliner, features a choice of manual or powered operation for easier use. Due to design, the new component weighs significantly less than prior models. Our cross-component design lowers the entire seat structure cost.

  • With Smooth sliding operation, Adient’s Track 3000® enables people to adjust their seat to the right position and provides easy access to the rear seats in 3-door and 7-seater vehicles. The Track 3000® is strong and sturdy, yet lighter in weight, while saving space. Smart modular design makes the Track 3000® versatile and adaptable.


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