Adient Foam Portfolio

Our foam portfolio display exhibits our best-in-class foam capabilities. Download our product sheets on this page for complete information.

  • Like our standard foam, Adient’s Black Foam is designed to maximize comfort and minimize environmental impact. Unlike our natural-colored foam, however, our black foam works in tandem with dark fabrics and trim.

  • Adient’s low-emission foam technologies offer the lowest emission standards in the industry. They’re available in either TDI- or MDI-based formulations to meet all needs.

  • Our R-Comfort Foam combines the best in materials and innovation to offer consumers enhanced comfort and pressure distribution.

  • Our newest Super High Resiliency (SHR-VT) Foam offers superior vibration dampening in a thinner design so automakers can reduce the weight of seats without sacrificing comfort. 
  • Adient’s high-resiliency (HR) offers high density and is the benchmark for comfort, delivering a balance of performance, durability and cost. Its’ optimized comfort and cushioning properties make it suitable for use in vehicles, as well as many other industries including furniture.
  • Our vibration dampening foam absorbs energy to reduce seat vibrations, which ultimately creates a more enjoyable driving experience.


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